Tiveden national park
Skogsstjärna, tunn växt med vita kronblad som bildar formen av en stjärna, växer i grön mossa.

Safety and rules

The purpose of the regulations is to protect the valuable nature in the national park.

You are not permitted to:

  • build a fire anywhere but in specially designated places
  • park a caravan overnight
  • pitch a tent or erect a windbreak, hut, hiding place or similar arrangement
  • operate motor vehicles anywhere but on designated roads
  • park anywhere but in designated places
  • operate motorboats or other motorised watercraft
  • destroy or damage fixed natural objects or surface features
  • fish anywhere except in Lake Stora Treh√∂rningen, and then only upon purchase of a fishing licence
  • intentionally disturb wildlife
  • bring along an unleashed dog
  • ride horses
  • set up orienteering checkpoints or trails marked with paper strips
  • pick flowers, mosses, mushrooms or lichens or dig up plants
  • conduct scientific studies without permission of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.