Tiveden national park
Skogsstjärna, tunn växt med vita kronblad som bildar formen av en stjärna, växer i grön mossa.

Safety and rules

The purpose of the regulations is to protect the valuable nature in the national park.

You are not permitted to:

  • dig or hack,
  • damage, scratch or paint on rock faces, the ground, boulders or rocks,
  • take away rocks,
  • break twigs or damage living or dead trees and bushes,
  • injure or disturb animals, climb trees with nests or be near the nest of a bird of prey, a lair or a den,
  • drive or park an electric or fossil-fuelled vehicle outside of designated roads or parking areas. In designated parking areas, the parking of vehicles, caravans, mobile homes etc. is not permitted between 00.00–06.00,
  • use a motorboat, jet-ski or any other motor-powered water craft,
  • take off or land an aircraft, drone or similar craft irrespective of whether it is manned or unmanned,
  • pitch a tent, build a shelter or similar except between 18.00 and 10.00 in designated areas for one night only,
  • build a hut or hideout, or any similar construction,
  • light a fire or use a barbeque outside of designated areas,
  • bring along dogs or any other type of pet that is not on a leash,
  • make any form of loud or disturbing noise,
  • conduct military or police exercises,
  • ride anywhere except on roads and bridle trails,
  • ride a bike anywhere except on roads and paths designated for bikes,
  • fish,
  • arrange sports events without permission from the Länsstyrelsen (County Administrative Board),
  • place signs, boards, orienteering flags, strips, or other markings without permission from the Länsstyrelsen (County Administrative Board),
  • collect amphibians or reptiles without permission from the Länsstyrelsen (County Administrative Board),
  • collect insects, spiders, snails, slugs or other invertebrates without permission from the Lä
  • nsstyrelsen (County Administrative Board),
  • pick, collect or dig up plants, including mosses, lichens and tree fungi without permission from the Länsstyrelsen (County Administrative Board).


  • use an electric wheelchair, permobile or similar aid if you are disabled,
  • pick berries and edible mushrooms,
  • fish, if you are a part-owner of a joint fishery unit.

Complete regulations at the website of the Swedish Environmental Protectiona Agency (Naturvårdsverket)