Muddus / Muttos national park
Träskylt med texten sarggavarre.

Getting here

The easiest way to get to Muddus/Muttos National Park is from the south via E45 by Liggádammen between Jokkmokk and Porjus.

There is a road all the way from Liggádammen to Skájdde that is open in the summer. The road is not always ploughed in the winter, and it can be closed during the period just before the ice breaks up in the spring.

By car via Sárggavárre

There is parking in Skájdde, and from there you can walk on boardwalks through the southern part of the park. You can also get to the park from the south-east via Sárggavárre, which is just after the road to Miessávrre (Messaure), or from the east via Suolávrre (Solaure), about five kilometres from Manson. The roads to Sárggavárre and Suolávrre are ploughed.

Skiing into the park

In winter you can also get to Muddus/Muttos National Park through trackless terrain from the north. Park by road 45 between Porjus and Gällivare and ski to the national park. This route is not recommended during the summer because the marshes are almost impassable then.