Fulufjället National Park
En grupp hus och en flaggstång syns i fjärran på andra sidan en liten sjö.

Cottages for rent and break

It is possible to stay overnight at Fulufjället National Park.

About the activity

Rental cottages

(Electricity and LPG cooker)

Rösjö cabins – national park campsite with five cabins for rent. Sauna and boat rentals. A total of 32 beds.

Harrsjö cabin – one cabin with four beds. 
If you want to book a cabin at the Rösjö or Harrsjö lakes, ring +46 (0)73 99 93 655 or send an email to

Little Tangsjö cabin (4 beds)
Book at

Rest cabins and cabins with sleeping accommodations

Cabins with sleeping accommodations:

Björnholm cabin, 12 beds
Tangå cabin, 3 beds
Tangsjö cabin, 12 beds
Bergådal cabin, 3 beds
Rösjö cabin, 6 beds.

The cabins cost SEK 100 per person and night. Pay with the Plusgiro form in the cabins or when you get back to naturum, where we accept cash and credit cards. Write down how many nights you have stayed, how many slept there and which cabin it was.

In the event that you get back from your hike and naturum is closed, payment from abroad is possible.
Please use the following information to make your payment:

IBAN: SE1695000099603400688192


Rest cabins are not for staying overnight. On Fulufjället there are the following cabins: Björbäckstugan, Njupeskärstugan, Brottbäckstugan, Harrsjöstugan, Rösjöstugan, Lorthånkojan, Särnmanstugan, Klordalenkåtan, Risdalenkåtan, Göljån and a cabin at Morbäckssätern.


The windbreaks are the shelter type, with a supply of wood and fireplace. There are three west of Brottbäck cabin, one along the trail by Göljån valley and one on the trail towards the Rösjö lakes from naturum.


All Year