Abisko national park
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Safety and rules

The purpose of the regulations is to protect the valuable nature in the national park.

Therefore, you may not:

  • Pitch a tent in the national park anywhere except on designated campsites (by the tourist station, Nissonjohka and the Abiskojaure cabins)
  • Make a fire, except on designated places. Grills are not allowed, but outdoor stoves are permitted.
  • Gather or dig up plants; destroy or damage natural objects or the ground
  • Damage dead or living trees
  • Kill or capture fauna in the national park
  • Take away eggs or nests
  • Fish
  • Land with aircraft (including drones) or operate a motor vehicle outside designated roads and snowmobile trails
  • Visit the bird sanctuary in the Ábeskoeatnus delta area from May 1 to July 31; there is no admittance then
  • Disturb grazing reindeer or the work of people handling the reindeer

 But it is okay to:

  • Gather edible mushrooms and berries
  • Bring dogs into the park from January 1 until April 30 if they are on a leash. Throughout the year you      are allowed to have leashed dogs on roads and marked trails as well as in the immediate vicinity of the tourist station and Ábeskojávri cabins.
  • Travel by motorboat on Torneträsk lake